Elas@Computação UFCG


We are a brazilian community, created at May 2017, in Federal University of Campina Grande, in order to bring more women to the Computer Science graduation and generate a support network and more visibility, guided by sorority and the IT girl empowerment.

Currently, only about 20% of people working in the IT area in Brazil are women. This is due to a range of facts, since the school, that girls don’t have the same incentive as boys to the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) area, until the academy, that promotes the feminine dropout, because the lack of representativeness isn’t welcoming.

That’s why Elas@Computação has the objective to motivate that girls to be part of and also provide visibility to the women in the IT area, seeking to reduce the gender inequality in this context.





Café com Elas

5/11/2020 - 20hDiscord CCC

"Café com Elas" na programação da Jornada Acadêmica Computação@UFCG.

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